[Aug 7, 2018]

"Kaitlin Descutner adds Fastrada, Pippin's scheming stepmother, to an impressive resume of evil characters... " 

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Merrily We Roll Along

[July 23, 2018]

"The recurring character of the destruction of the three is Gussie Carnegie, played by Kaitlin Descutner. Carnegie poisons the relationship between Kringas and Shepard by introducing Shepard as the new star of Broadway and Kringas as "some guy I don't remember." It's Carnegie who pours Flynn her first drink on the path to be an alcoholic. Finally, it's Carnegie who seduces Shepard and brings about his first divorce." 

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42nd Street

[July 11, 2018]

"Descutner is equally as strong as Brock, who confides to Sawyer that she wanted to hate her for taking her place but couldn't. "Now go out there and be so swell that you'll make me hate you!" 

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Evil Dead the Musical 

[February 7, 2018]

"While the raw talents of the cast members are evident throughout the opening numbers—particularly B.A. Goodnack as the  Evil Dead  series’ infamous, unwitting protagonist Ash (who Goodnack superbly plays with the spot-on mixture of rogue charm and hapless buffoonery) and Kait Marie Descutner as Ash’s starry-eyed supermart romance interest Linda..."

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Blood Brothers Review 

[October 23, 2017]

"Descutner and Laney provide the necessary differences in class between the two mothers. Descutner is sharp as ever as she brings to light to songs like "Marilyn Monroe" and "Bright New Day" and heartbreak to "Tell Me It's Not True." Laney, on the other hand, shows strong character development as she goes from a hopeful new mother to a paranoid one."

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A Comedy of Tenors Review 

[July 17, 2017]

"Kaitlin Descutner (Racon) and Colin Robertson (Jacques) add strong support to the comedic chaos."

"If there is a complaint about the show, it would be that the script didn't call for this cast to showcase their singing voices. Having seen Short, McDonough, Mann, Baylis and Weiser in South Pacific and Descutner in a variety of shows, it was a shame not to hear them display their extraordinary singing abilities."

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Mama Mia Review  

[December 27, 2016]

"Brickey does a great turn as a mom trying to control the chaos of a wedding while simultaneously handling a reunion with her former bandmates - the party-loving Tanya (Kaitlin Descutner) and the women libber Rosie (Cheryl McFarren) - and her three former beaus. Descutner and McFarren are scene-stealing comic foils. Roate, Trieger and O'Daniel-Munger bring to life the reactions of three men realizing some potentially life altering news.."

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A Chorus Line Reviews    

[April 10, 2015]

"Also astonishing is “At the Ballet,” a trio of Kaitlin Descutner (impossible to take your eyes off as the tough-as-nails Sheila), Christine Stridsberg (a volcanic Bebe), and Brooke Walters (one of the strongest voices in the show as Maggie). With an economy of words and movement, this song embraces the use of art to escape a terrible situation and deals with what makes the ballet special, but it’s also tinged with melancholy – none of these women are in the ballet, they’re “just” musical comedy dancers. It rolls through a clash of egos, hinted at by Sheila’s early reaction to being moved to the back of a formation, while setting up a class distinction between the dancers with aspirations toward high art and those without."

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[April 8, 2015]

"Among the female dancers vying for the audience's attention are Dionysia Williams (who plays Cassie) and Kaitlin Descutner (Sheila). Williams' character tries to return to being a chorus girl after a failed stint in Hollywood. She realizes she will never be the major star Zach (her ex-boyfriend) believes she could be. On the other hand, Descutner's Sheila is convinced she's going to be the next big thing. When asked to move from the front row of the dancers on one number, she stands motionlessly. Zach asks her if she doesn't know the choreography, Sheila responds "I did ... for the first row."

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A Murder Ballad Reviews

[August 15, 2014]  

"Sara (beautifully portrayed by Kaitlin Descutner) is at the heart of the love triangle. A New York City barfly at the beginning of the show, Sara snuffs out the volatile romance with Tom (Jason Carl Crase) and is soon swept off her staggering feet by the good-natured Michael (Nick Cirillo). However Sara soon finds herself longing to shed the "Show-n-tell" life of a stay-at-home mom and longs for the passionate embrace of Tom. Descutner's voice captures the anguish of a woman torn between mad passion and a safe and stable relationship."

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[August 9, 2014]  

"At the preview on Thursday, Kaitlin Descutner was believable as Sara, torn between two lovers and two distinct stages of life.

Through the intensity of her singing and the jagged energy of her movements, Descutner conveys the discontent of a wife and mother who might have settled down too quickly — or just settled for too little passion."

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Willy Wonka Review

[April 12, 2013]  

"Kaitlin Descutner, as the reporter who tracks down the winners, comes off as a master of the reaction — with her disgust disguised."

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Cabaret Review

[September 27, 2012]  

"American Cliff (Chris Shea) has come to pre-World War II Berlin to find inspiration for his novel, but has found love with Kit Kat Klub showgirl Sally Bowles (Kaitlin Descutner) instead. Descutner is especially wonderful as her blissfully unaware Sally sings and dances her way through terrific numbers like “Don’t Tell Mama.”

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