I've been cast in a show...but I can't tell you what it is...

Normally when I've been cast in a show, I cannot wait to tell everyone...what the show is! Let me explain...

I'm thrilled to be cast with Confidential Musical Theatre Project debuting in Pittsburgh, PA as ___________ in ___________. What is Confidential Musical Theatre Project you ask? For one night only on Saturday, October 1st, the cast and production team of ____________ will be meeting for the first time after a whole month of working on our roles, music, lines, etc. on our own.

And not just that, but after 1 hr of meeting each other for the first time we will have an audience! 

More details to come, but only where and when! The show will be a surprise until it's showtime! 

Submitting audition videos has started to finally pay off!

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