An actor's life is sad, hard and exhausting when not performing. I've been on an auditioning craze in and outside of Columbus for months, I've sent so many video submissions to theatres in different states and sadly a show hiatus since June 2015! There were days when I felt like asking myself "why am I doing this?" but it would follow with "You love what you are doing. You could never give this up. KEEP GOING, GIRL!"

It sounds so silly feeling that way since it hasn't been that long of a "dry spell." But, yes, it is true. No matter how long, it still hurts. I think the toughest job out there is being a brain surgeon. And I only say this because of how much rejection comes our way. No other job out there receives so much rejection, right? And we as actors are expected to hold our heads high and thicken our skins because we need to keep persevering to get that job. We need to be okay showcasing and putting ourselves on the line ALL THE TIME.

I'm having deja vu...."I really need this job. Please, God, I need this job. I've got to get this job!" (Chorus Line with Short North Stage 2015)

After all the dumb tears and the worrying.....

It's finally that time that I can SHOUT OUT to the rooftops that I will be reuniting with the stage in a production of CATS with Columbus Children's Theatre! Here comes a singing and dancing feline, Cassandra, the Siamese Cat. 

This cast and crew are going to be one heck of a ride. So much talent and such great people to work with.

Directed by Ryan Scarlata (Associate Artistic Director of CCT), Choreographed by Jeff Fouch (Founder of Columbus Moving Company) and Musically Directed by Jonathan Collura (Self-Employed Professional Actor, Music Director, etc.). 

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 15th!