And the nominees are....

I am, for one, blessed to be in such a wonderful theatre community in Columbus, OH. We compete against each other, naturally, but we are, number one, a family that is growing every year. And it feels wonderful to be a part of that.

We all work so hard to showcase our talents and our passion for the arts that it feels great to be given the chance to be nominated for our hard work. It's like our mini Tony awards! <3

Without further ado, I would like to say I've been nominated as Best Actress in a Musical, this being my second year, for Sheila in A Chorus Line with Short North Stage! I feel extremely honored and blessed. Sheila was a fun role to play and, by far, a wonderful challenge! Very different from what I have had the pleasure to portray before.

So please, if you had the pleasure to see me and this wonderful cast in A Chorus Line, cast your votes now at

As Sheila would say, "If you don't vote for me...heh...well...were you even watching?" *lights a cigarette* "I can sit on your lap. Would that change your mind?"

:) :) :)

Here are few shout outs of some wonderful people that were nominated, as well, and I had the pleasure of working with this year:

Edward Charles Carignan for Best Director and Best Choreography for A Chorus Line

Tim Valentine for Best Musical Director for A Chorus Line

Dionysia Williams for Best Actress in a Musical (A Chorus Line)

Luka Ashley Carter for Best Actor in a Musical (A Chorus Line)

Nick Hardin for Best Actor in a Play (Psycho Beach Party)

SHORT NORTH STAGE for Theatre of the Year