Blood Brothers

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be playing Mrs. Johnstone at Weathervane Playhouse this Fall. I have been itching to play a deep and emotional character story for awhile, and I cannot wait to get started.

Mrs. Johnstone is the mother of 2 twins that are separated at birth. There is a myth that twins who are separated at birth will die on the day they find out their heritage.

See what happens for yourself this Fall! Tickets are already on sale!

MAMMA MIA....Here I go again!

I am SUPER TROOPER thrilled to be joining Weathervane Playhouse in Newark, OH for their Winter production of Mamma Mia! as Tanya. "DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW THAT YOUR OUT?!" As one of the longest running shows on Broadway, never have I thought that I would be given the chance to participate in this production. I felt the same way about CATS. :) 

What I am most excited about is wearing a full length disco outfit with my girls, "Donna" and "Rosie." DANCING QUEENS! 

But seriously, I feel most grateful for being given the opportunity to perform with Weathervane Playhouse for the second time. They are such a professional and wonderful company to work with. 

So GIMMIE! GIMMIE! GIMMIE! (or well the box office) your MONEY MONEY MONEY and buy your tickets!  That's the NAME OF THE GAME! We will be opening the week of Christmas and closing the week of New Years. You do not want to miss this.

Alright, I'm done adding in ABBA song titles into my sentences. Or well...maybe just one more....

Say I DO I DO I DO I DO I DO and support Weathervane Playhouse this Winter! 





October is going to be a rush/ Make Me A Song

I am looking over my schedule, and I realize that I am going to be a very busy actress in October! WOOT!

I just made an announcement that I will be joining Pittsburgh's Confidential Musical Theatre Project, which is next Saturday...yikes! There are auditions that are coming up that I need to prep for. I will be returning as a Primary Teacher with Columbus Children's Theatre for their Fall classes, and that begins tomorrow. I will be joining Short North Stage for their 2016 Gala as Sally Bowles, and I cannot wait! I will be training to be a part of the OSU Standardized Patient Program mid-October. But here is what this blog is mainly about...

Tonight begins the first of rehearsals for the production of Make Me A Song with Evolution Theatre. I am so thrilled to be joining this company again. The last time I worked with them was for tick, tick...BOOM! in 2013. 3 years later, I get to grace the stage with some wonderful people in this revue of William Finn musicals. 

We will be performing songs from his pieces such as Falsettos, A New Brain, Elegies and many others. 

We are only rehearsing for 3 weeks, so don't hesitate to grab your tickets now because it will be here before you know it. Again, yikes. 

You can visit their website at for more information. 

October is going to be a rush of hard work and stress, but excitement. Bring on the busy schedule! That's what a working actor wants. 


I've been cast in a show...but I can't tell you what it is...

Normally when I've been cast in a show, I cannot wait to tell everyone...what the show is! Let me explain...

I'm thrilled to be cast with Confidential Musical Theatre Project debuting in Pittsburgh, PA as ___________ in ___________. What is Confidential Musical Theatre Project you ask? For one night only on Saturday, October 1st, the cast and production team of ____________ will be meeting for the first time after a whole month of working on our roles, music, lines, etc. on our own.

And not just that, but after 1 hr of meeting each other for the first time we will have an audience! 

More details to come, but only where and when! The show will be a surprise until it's showtime! 

Submitting audition videos has started to finally pay off!

#anactorslifeforme #confidentialmusicaltheatreproject #confidentialmtp


Angels In America

In my latest blog post I "hummed and hawed" over my 1 year audition dry spell but was gratefully cast in Columbus Children's Theatre production of CATS, which opens in 2 days! *slight panic attack* I am now thrilled to make another announcement. 

I'VE BEEN CAST IN THE AWARD WINNING PLAY, "ANGELS IN AMERICA: MILLENNIUM APPROACHES!!!!" No going back to the constant waiting game (well, okay, for right now, of course). 

I am a Musical Theatre actress through and through, but lately, I've been craving to do a straight play. That deep character challenge and script analysis! The last time I was in a straight play was in....2008! I was a Sophomore in college doing "Crimes of the Heart" by Beth Henley as Babe. What a great show!

Now I will be joining the Warehouse Theatre cast immediately following CATS as The Angel! I am so excited to be making my debut with this new, up and coming company in our awesome growing theatre community in Columbus, OH. And, I will be reunited with a few of my good friends who I haven't shared the stage with in a very long time. :) 

Tickets are already on sale, so don't wait! Performances are June 17th to June 26th at the Columbus Performing Arts Center in the Van Fleet!

“Don't be afraid; people are so afraid; don't be afraid to live in the raw wind, naked, alone...Learn at least this: What you are capable of. Let nothing stand in your way.” - Tony Kushner, "Part One: Millennium Approaches"





An actor's life is sad, hard and exhausting when not performing. I've been on an auditioning craze in and outside of Columbus for months, I've sent so many video submissions to theatres in different states and sadly a show hiatus since June 2015! There were days when I felt like asking myself "why am I doing this?" but it would follow with "You love what you are doing. You could never give this up. KEEP GOING, GIRL!"

It sounds so silly feeling that way since it hasn't been that long of a "dry spell." But, yes, it is true. No matter how long, it still hurts. I think the toughest job out there is being a brain surgeon. And I only say this because of how much rejection comes our way. No other job out there receives so much rejection, right? And we as actors are expected to hold our heads high and thicken our skins because we need to keep persevering to get that job. We need to be okay showcasing and putting ourselves on the line ALL THE TIME.

I'm having deja vu...."I really need this job. Please, God, I need this job. I've got to get this job!" (Chorus Line with Short North Stage 2015)

After all the dumb tears and the worrying.....

It's finally that time that I can SHOUT OUT to the rooftops that I will be reuniting with the stage in a production of CATS with Columbus Children's Theatre! Here comes a singing and dancing feline, Cassandra, the Siamese Cat. 

This cast and crew are going to be one heck of a ride. So much talent and such great people to work with.

Directed by Ryan Scarlata (Associate Artistic Director of CCT), Choreographed by Jeff Fouch (Founder of Columbus Moving Company) and Musically Directed by Jonathan Collura (Self-Employed Professional Actor, Music Director, etc.). 

Tickets go on sale Tuesday, March 15th! 




And the nominees are....

I am, for one, blessed to be in such a wonderful theatre community in Columbus, OH. We compete against each other, naturally, but we are, number one, a family that is growing every year. And it feels wonderful to be a part of that.

We all work so hard to showcase our talents and our passion for the arts that it feels great to be given the chance to be nominated for our hard work. It's like our mini Tony awards! <3

Without further ado, I would like to say I've been nominated as Best Actress in a Musical, this being my second year, for Sheila in A Chorus Line with Short North Stage! I feel extremely honored and blessed. Sheila was a fun role to play and, by far, a wonderful challenge! Very different from what I have had the pleasure to portray before.

So please, if you had the pleasure to see me and this wonderful cast in A Chorus Line, cast your votes now at

As Sheila would say, "If you don't vote for me...heh...well...were you even watching?" *lights a cigarette* "I can sit on your lap. Would that change your mind?"

:) :) :)

Here are few shout outs of some wonderful people that were nominated, as well, and I had the pleasure of working with this year:

Edward Charles Carignan for Best Director and Best Choreography for A Chorus Line

Tim Valentine for Best Musical Director for A Chorus Line

Dionysia Williams for Best Actress in a Musical (A Chorus Line)

Luka Ashley Carter for Best Actor in a Musical (A Chorus Line)

Nick Hardin for Best Actor in a Play (Psycho Beach Party)

SHORT NORTH STAGE for Theatre of the Year