The road was not without its bumps, of course. Stage fright plagued me until I was about 13 years old.  I would kick and scream any time I had to attend an audition, but was perfectly fine singing in front of people all by myself during a recital. It’s a mystery that years later I still do not understand. What I did understand, even at a young age, was that performing arts was my passion and all that I wanted to do.  

I involved myself in drama and dance in high school, performed at my local community theatres Shout out to Hickory Old Schoolhouse Players! and attended summer theatre camps during my teen years. All of my pursuits in the performing arts blossomed into a career choice and made the decision to attend the California University of PA as a theatre major with a minor in dance very easy. Shout out to Michele Pagen! I submersed myself in the college experience and learned quickly that "making it big" was not how I would define my success. For me, success and happiness came from being in the theatre business -- whether it was on-camera, behind a mic, backstage, theatre education or center stage.

I have been a successful professional actress living in Columbus, OH for about 10 years, and I am very proud of my journey.

I'm interested in new projects and pursuing new opportunities. Please download my resume and get in touch if you would like to discuss working together.